The price of bitcoin has reached $ 15,500, a daily gain of 9%. "what's next?"

Bitcoin price hits $ 15,500, a new technical top, while "what's next" remains elusive.Bitcoin price hit $ 15,500 yesterday after a week of positive news, such as the exchange rate of the dollar rose, and the stock market closed in a narrow range.The price of BTC rose by 9% in the past 24 hours from $ 15,180 to $ 15,497, a gain of more than 3,000%. The breakthrough comes amid a broader recovery in the cryptocurrency market, which, despite the growth slowdown, is still growing.Is there a short-term bullish trap?The price of bitcoin has increased since the end of the previous weekly candle at $ 15,500. The trend is attributed to the growth of DeFi and other DeFi-related tokens.Market cryptocurrencies are affected in turn by the growth of DeFi and other DeFi tokens. For example, the DeFi liquidity provider Ontology introduced a feature yesterday that will allow users to place liquidity requirements on their tokens.However, despite continued growth, some analysts they predict a short-term bearish scenario before the end of the year. PlanB, for example, believes that bitcoin should hold above $ 15,000 to resume the bull run.This forecast however, it coincides with a new technical trend that canard growth specialist analyst canard Estevan hit back at the "speculative" market.Estevan believes that bitcoin has entered a new range, and the price of BTC can go up to $ 300,000. He believes that BTC is moving into a more distant technical area, and the price of BTC can go up to $ 300,000.Although the price of bitcoin fluctuates on the daily chart, its momentum is still strong, and there are no signs of weakness among the bulls. Bitcoin has surged 300% in the past week, breaking the level of $ 15,500 and climbing to $ 15,557.Join You might be interested in: The most promising cryptocurrencies in 2021

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